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The Commonwealth Safety Management Forum (CSMF) is committed to ensuring the privacy of its members’ and associate members’ personal information.

Under the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, personal information generally refers to any information about an individual from which their identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained.

Personal information held by the CSMF

The CSMF only collects personal information that is necessary to perform its business functions. The personal information the CSMF collects and stores may include:

  • name, job title and employer organisation;
  • business address and business contact details (including mobile phone number whereprovided);
  • invoices and payment details (including credit card and banking details where these relate topayments made by the individual or organisation);
  • dietary and health related information for the purposes only of catering or providing access at the Annual Conference or other functions/events.

Use of personal information by the CSMF

The CSMF does not collect, use or disclose other sensitive personal information about any individual.

The CSMF does not trade, rent or sell personal information to any third parties. The primary purpose for which the CSMF will use personal information is to provide access to the CSMF’s member services, which include:

  • convening of bimonthly general meetings and an annual conference;
  • circulation of information via mail or e-mail;
  • facilitation of exchange of information through e-mail (e.g. member request for information).

The CSMF may also use personal information to inform CSMF membership about events or offers made by stakeholder organisations such as Comcare, Health and Safety Regulators, Safe Work Australia and CSMF sponsors, which may consist of private sector providers of WHS and injury.

Collection of personal information by the CSMF

The CSMF collects personal information directly from members and associate members when it is supplied on application to join the CSMF, or through registration for events.

The CSMF does not actively solicit or collect individuals’ personal information from third parties.

Contracting out services and disclosures

The CSMF may, at some stage, take the decision to contract out some of its services (such as publishing and information services) and may therefore disclose individuals’ personal information to its contractors for these purposes. Any disclosure of personal information is limited to that required to provide the services that the CSMF has contracted out.

Contractors engaged by the CSMF will at all times be bound by contracts which protect personal information, or otherwise required by the CSMF to comply with all relevant laws including the Privacy Act.

Access to personal Information

Generally, members and associate members have the right to access the ir own personal information that the CSMF may hold.

The CSMF will handle requests for access to personal information in accordance with the National Privacy Principles. The CSMF will ordinarily require requests for access to information to be provided in writing to the Secretary of the CSMF.

Security of personal information

The CSMF is committed to protecting the privacy of members and associate members and recognises its obligations to take all reasonable steps to protect personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modifications or disclosure under the Privacy Act. Hard copy records are held in a locked and alarmed office.

Internet privacy issues

The CSMF takes physical and electronic measures to secure personal information. Personal information is stored on a password protected server. Members and associate members should protect their logon and password which enable access to the members-only pages of the CSMF web site.

When the web site is visited, the CSMF record anonymous information about the visit and log the following information for statistical purposes – the server address, top level domain name (for example com, gov, au, uk etc.), the date and time of visit to the site, the pages accessed and documents downloaded, the previous site visited, and the type of browser used. This information is not specific to an individual and is used for system administration purposes, as well as statistical analysis. The anonymous information does not reveal anything specific about the person who accessed the website, but it does reveal how our site was used.

Another type of anonymous information shared between the user’s browser and CSMF server is a cookie. A cookie is a small text file that the CSMF server places on the user’s hard drive to identify that subsequent requests to the site have come from the same user. The CSMF uses cookies to remember the user’s browser between visits and to develop patterns of site usage. In this situation, the cookie identifies the browser, not individuals.

No attempt is made by the CSMF to identify users or their browsing activities except, in the unlikely event of an investigation, where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the CSMF’s logs and in the case where users supply the required identifying information in the course of completing one of the CSMF input forms.

Other websites

The CSMF website contains links to other external websites. The CSMF is not responsible for the content or privacy policies on websites that we do not operate, and it is the responsibility of members and associate members to familiarise themselves and comply with any terms and conditions (including privacy requirements) that govern access to and use of those websites.

Review of this Privacy Policy

It may be necessary, from time to time, for the CSMF to review its Privacy Policy in line with any changes to the Privacy Act or to the CSMF’s practices and procedures, or the community’s changing privacy expectations. The CSMF reserves the right to amend its Privacy Policy at any time and to notify members and associate members by posting an updated version of the policy on the CSMF web site ( ).

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